PSA TC does it again

Remember how they claimed that they fixed Uncle Clay? Yeah, about that. Didn’t happen.


Lmfao no wonder there are still invincible clay lobbies in escape. What a ■■■■■■■ joke.


Hey, they changed the description already. We’re asking too much here. One step at a time.


You’re right you’re right. This community is just too ■■■■■■■ needy. We ask way too much of TC.

Asking TC to fix a game breaking exploit was just unfair of us.

They deserve until op5 at least.


Surprise surprise, said absolutely nobody.

But when they quickly killed off DFB farming in Horde because of a few players using it to get to Reup 50 quickly, and weren’t harming anyone or anything with it, that worked straight away.


I guess they still had some developers left that were competent enough to implement (or disable rather) such a complex feature.

Yes, because server side toggling of a feature is the most difficult task possible in game development.

I’m also being sarcastic if it isn’t obvious.


I recognized it being sarcastic. Just putting a little bit of spice in there since disabling a card must be a lot harder than disabling a ribbon.

Man I’m just going back to working on my English paper. A lot better than fuming about another one of TC’s failures.

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Wait… so changing the description of a card doesn’t magically make it not work anymore???

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I’m surprised as well. I always thought changing some text in textframes would also change the behavior of the code. Since it was changed to “empty” I thought the card also is supposed to not work. Simple coding logic right?

/absolutely totally not meant to be sarcastic right here


@Bleeding_Pepper So… you were saying?

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I wasn’t doubting you but I’ve seen others not instantly recognize a joke or sarcasm as such. It has on occasions occurred to me as well.

Seems fair, although at this point I’m not sure if I’m upset or just disappointed with a hint of not caring. This certainly would matter to me less when they were fast as lightning to get rid of Horde DFB farming because it was used to “level faster as intended” while making us wait almost an entire year until they fixed the root cause, Reups, that made people upset they got rid of it in the first place.


This leads to the question if TC even did anything beyond changing the description. Maybe they were actually hoping for people to stop using the card after the change.

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I’m fuming man. Just plain fuming. It’s hard to set me off but TC has managed to do it on multiple occasions. Only TC employee I’ve got faith in is Sera. One out of hundreds. It’s ■■■■■■■ sad.


Oh, you poor soul. I assure you the second she sees this thread it will be closed with the usual contact support-bs.


Suspected as much when I still see tons of dupe Clayton lobbies even a couple days after the fact. Glad someone’s posted it. Everyone seemed to take TC at their word, and then Ghost swiftly closed the main topic about it. I just didn’t want to say anything nor take the effort to retest it myself.

Sadly Sera isn’t responsible for neither any of the development nor decision making and only handles community interactions so even if she has the knowledge and skills required to make things function better, she isn’t in a position to be doing so. Beyond communication and whatnot, that is.

And honestly, I find it hard to get upset much about this exploit when I won’t use it, nor care for the leaderboards a whole lot.

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In my defense; I was also wondering why these lobbies were still up so I jumped into one of them. Results can be seen above.

I couldn’t care less about the exploit, it’s how TC has handled it so far.

Oh yeah, can confirm. This is definitely how it works.

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