PSA: Review embargoes lift tomorrow (Sept. 4th) at 9:00 am EST

Early murmurs are all positive. Even though my personal enjoyment of the game will always be more important than its critical success, I still really hope this game does well. Gears has been a bit of a joke to a lot of the gaming industry and I would love for the perception to change.

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Gears 4 received a 9.2 from IGN. I don’t really follow other game sites for reviews. heck, I don’t even take into consideration reviews period. There have been a few games I have played that got bad reviews and were good and vice versa.

The days of Mean Machines are well and truly gone.

The days of agendas and wallets dictating reviews are ongoing.


I really don’t think that’s entirely true. When a truly amazing game come out, it has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with how good the game it.

Well, obviously.

But that’s nothing to do with my points, so…?

Agree. Would be nice to see the game critically acclaimed or GOTY.

I definitely watch reviews of games that I might buy because they do list the good and the bad.

Of games I’m definitely buying, makes little difference and I’ll watch it post playing it.