PSA: PC Crash workaround starting with last update (TU 5.1.1)


A lot of players on PC (Nvidia or ATI) have the game freezing, then crashing within a few minutes of launching the game. For myself it started happening after installing:

After a lot of troubleshooting it turned out that if I disabled the Riva Tuner Stats Server (RTSS) overlay the game works fine.

My suggestion is: disable anything that will create an overlay on the game.
To be specific you shouldn’t have to kill those apps, just disabling the overlay should be fine, but you can kill the apps as well.

Please note: you don’t have to muck with any other settings, driver version etc. The crash is isolated to just the overlay causing problems. If you still have the game crashing, you likely have another problem at hand as well.

I’ve a few people confirm this helped them get past the crash as well so creating a separate post for visibility. I don’t know how to get stuff pinned on this forum. Hope this unblocks the PC players.

EDIT: A 3rd party tool is crashing the game. It’s not an Nvidia vs. ATI issue. I hope TC can address this since this was not a problem earlier or at least release a statement if the issue is on 3rd party side.
RTSS Disable overlay setting
@Ballack7 added the option to disable - you can use in-game Video settings to display FPS counter.


seems like a Nvidia issue. my Radeon has been fine ever since switching due to that old Gears 4 Nvidia hardlock bug that was never fixed.

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There was a similar issue with gears 4. Game bar made the game freeze when using Nvidia cards and Microsoft and Nvidia blamed each other.

So glad I switched to a Radeon.

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when will they fix it or do they even know about this issue?

I think we can @ mention TC folks to this thread to at least notify them. Actions andannouncements are theirs to make.
If anyone knows the forums etiquette I’d encourage you to tag relevant TC folks to this post.


And my PC is full Radeon, so it’s not a Nvidia problem only. Anyway, i’ll spread this fix to the other posts, thank you again!

Glad to hear & thanks for confirming that it’s not gfx manufacturer related. I’ve not tried updating my version of RTSS but my game/clocks are fully optimized so I don’t need to run RTSS for GoW anymore.

Even if we know how to prevent the crash TC should know and fix it. I use nvidia overlay to record gameplay and stuff.
Please TC fix this~! my game just crashed

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Agreed. Hopefully with their diagnostic tools they can see why the crashes occur (I suspect a CPU usage issue).

Im crashing several times a day now while having other programs open.

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still crashes with new update :frowning:

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That’s right.
After this update it’s been 3 times that I’ve been crash while playing (2 the game and 1 the whole PC) and for that reason I’ve been banned for more than 1 day.

no i mean when usin msi afterburner’s overlay it CTD some time

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Interesting, I’m going to turn off the on-screen RTSS.
I hope that the crashes of the game will be solved.