PSA on forum conduct


The Mod team have discussed the constant bickering on the forums, and we have decided that it needs to be stamped out and from here on out we will be taking a more hardline approach when we see it.

Users need to feel free to be able to discuss their thoughts (while respecting the forum rules) and while discussion can be valuable, we have seen a lot of discussions end up with people having arguments that cross the line. We want people to be able to give feedback without having to worry about people who disagree with jumping down their throats, or users having to justify why they are qualified to give feedback on specific areas.

As per the forum rules please ignore and or flag those posts, rather than engaging. We still want discussion, The community can use their collective voice to point TC in the direction we want to go in, and we have seen this occur effectively in recent months. Note: Users falsely flagging will also be taken seriously. If you have any questions on concerns, please check with a moderator.