PSA Jacks Flash freezes Matriarch

Jacks Flash (LT+Y) can be used to “cheese” the Matriarch on Incon when you use the instant-recharge for Jack. Just putting that out there. Makes the fight actually bearable. Also VERY useful for the Ironman-run.


I’m doing an Experienced Iron Man right now and have been freezing EVERYTHING. Definitely the way to go.


Hm… I knew this from my first playthrough already. Surprised others find out about it now. Unless you never played the Campaign so far or missed the flash freeze upgrade.

I guess you’re also aware Pulse reveals where the Matriarch is when it makes your vision limited(if you play as Kait)?

Flash can also free team members from a Kraken tongue though not sure if it requires the freezing upgrade or anything else as I’ve always had it. Useful since bots don’t free themselves.

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Idk, never used Jacks abilities before since when it was never really necessary.

Cloak is also good at speeding up forced walking-sections and all the stupid “run to the next point”-filler.

Oh, and Pulse adds 20%dmg on each tagged enemy.

I think the main point isn’t that it is a new thing that can be used against her, but rather it’s that the mutator for fast recharges on Jack’s skills means that you can constantly freeze her.


This. I was doing that stuff on my Insane run already so it’s no news to me.

Also question, is the progress of Jack also busted for anyone else? I got like 80 components to spend on Act 1 Chapter 3, not even enough to max out everything (also I can collect all components again). Then later on I just lose the first two skills? They’re like gone and unusable.

One last thing, if you got trouble with the Hammer-part in the Graveyard; using the Hammer doesn’t break Cloak and Kills extend the duration.

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