PSA: If you still aren't unlocking the Gilded RAAM achievements, this might be why

On the day the achievements were pushed, I had met all the requirements, but up until yesterday, I still had 0% progress on all 3 of them. I had contacted TC @CoalitionGears on Twitter, who could not offer a functioning solution. They advised to contact @XboxSupport, who didn’t even bother to respond in 7 days time. So I decided to look in to it on my own.

I run a Pi-Hole on my network (for those who don’t know, it’s essentially a network Ad-blocker that works by filtering DNS requests). Whether you use Pi-hole or some other Firewall type device (or even natively on your home router) that can block specific DNS requests, look in to whilelisting these two items:

The next match I played online, I unlocked all 3 achievements within a few minutes of each other, all mid-match. Below is the article I read to find out what DNS requests are made by Xbox Live, but I specifically looked at those related to achievements: