PSA : Horde currently does not visually show base and ribbon XP rewards at end of match screen

I am putting this out here because I just spent about an hour and a half into a Master Horde match as Fahz until it failed on wave 30 because some guy decided the best thing to replace our Jack was a COG Gear and to waste their Team Revive at the end of wave 29 when one player went down as far from an enemy as they could get so there was no excuse for that waste. Then the idiotic(wait, this word is permissible on the forums? @forum-mods please) Swarmak immediately spawned about 5 meters from the base and went straight into it.

Anyway, getting to the point, when I got to the match results screen the game showed I’d received XP only for the Boost section. Left me a bit confused because I still received more than that showed. So it shows as if you only received Boost XP but the end result was more than that showed. I’m putting this out there just to make sure it’s, well, out there. Ticket will be submitted. @TC_Sera

To be perfectly clear this is just a visual issue. The “missing” XP is still awarded.

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