PSA: Get out of Inconceivable Horde Frenzy low level people

Along with another thread I created about Horde Frenzy post-OP4, I’d like to take a moment to please ask players to stop trying Horde Frenzy on Inconceivable with low level people in public matchmaking.

I constantly am seeing level 4-9 characters in those public matches, heck, even level 1-3, it’s a complete waste of time. By wave 5 it’s over no matter what.

People seem to have a false sense of invincibility in the new Horde Frenzy that is misplaced, it’s much more difficult now (buffed enemies), I’m assuming to make up for the HP boosts from power taps.

Speaking of that, power taps on Horde Frenzy are now mandatory, please use them.

End rant.

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but more on topic, you really expect the nuggets who join with lowlvl-chars to read the forums?

Host or join custom frenzy lobbies. Why anyone still deals with low quality teammates in matchmaking Horde is beyond me.


Just host a public lobby and kick anyone whose low level, pretty simple.

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Simple yes, but a great way to alienate others. When I don’t have any friends available to play, I just started doing solo Escape runs now to earn cards. Much faster, no foolishness to deal with, and I swear I get a lot better cards from Escape than I do Horde, anyway.

One problem, when you host a custom game, you can’t see everyone’s levels once you load it.

If someone leaves mid-game, and some one else joins in, you can’t really see the level of the character they’re using. And their “Re-Up” number can only tell you so much.

The good thing about Frenzy is that people are less likely to quit a game that takes only 30-40 minutes to get through, unless there’s a really good reason to, such as they see everyone else is a low level character and they know it’s going to be a fail. I really think Horde Frenzy is a joy to play, one of the best things TC has come up with, especially now it’s available in lobbies.

I’ve been enjoying playing as Kait finally, now that I’ve levelled her up enough to get her Chain card, and level 5 Blood Resonance and Laceration too. On Frenzy I tend to use perks for two thirds of the power I have, and deposit one third. That usually means I’ve maxed out Shotgun damage and movement speed by the end.

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Let me allow to join your Inconceivable Horde with my Level 17 JD and Re-Up 11! :slightly_smiling_face:
Everybody will die in my watch! :grin:


Hey I’ll take it. I need someone to murder swarm with as Paduk.

What I do is cycle between searching Horde Frenzy lobby, horde frenzy lobby #2 (rotating maps or whatever), and the featured hive escape, all inconceivable.

If the lobby randoms don’t have a total character level of at least 50 (25 for escape), I back out and search the next one.

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