PSA from TC Clown (David)

Kyle hates me. Ignore him.

I am the ultimate rage quitter

That’s good. Once you get your first paycheck, fly me out.

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I’ve never heard of him so he can’t be good :innocent:

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Fr. You need to get outta LA anyways. ATL has great places to eat plus there aren’t hypodermic needles littering the sidewalk

Yeah you tell em


Does anyone take people with custom GT profile pictures seriously?

Answer - no lol

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Does anyone take people with edgy anime profile pictures seriously?

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Kyle it’s not custom. Reverse search the image

You’re my hero

Like I would do that

@Katarina_XT its well documented I’m not here to be serious

My question is, what counts as a “custom profile pic” here?

Tbf it has my name in it so I guess it’s custom. The cat is based off a drawing tho :slight_smile:

My pfp is me

Danny you’re too handsome to tell lies

Aww shucks :blush:
No one can top you Kyle, you’re Adonis

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Will you be my new David?

Those are big shoes to fill

All I ask is that you mark

I wear sketchers

They’re comfortable.


Did Drake try to groom you?