PSA from TC Clown (David)

Well I never thought it would come to this, but I am making a departure thread. Yes, that’s right, I’m treating the forums like an airport.

I haven’t been on here in months, mostly cuz life and school have kept me pretty busy. I also sold my Xbox a couple months back, so my gaming days are pretty much over. Just thought I’d pop in here and check up and y’all and see how bad gears has been lately.


Remember what we had David…
How could you?

Danny I know I broke your heart. I’m sorry

Good riddance


Who are you?


He’s the GOAT


You’ll be in a better spot in life when Gears 6 rolls around.


Hopefully. Trying to get career options lined up rn and school is moving along pretty smooth


I’m just glad we got to play one more time and you unironically carried me on checkout. Actually gonna miss you :pleading_face:

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Ha! Nonsense, lad.

See you on your triumphant return. Again.

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Aw gonna miss you too. That was a great game too. I wasn’t expecting to get kills in a eu lobby lol

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If anyone gets carried by you they should uninstall tbh


Be nice Kyle

What will you do now? Become a Top G?

Imma get a boring desk job Danny

Not all desk jobs are bad.

Already got a job lined up?

Not yet but I’m talking with some people who can hook me up. There is one guy who went to my school that works at a pretty well known wealth management firm that wants me to send him my resume and said he’ll get my name out there and set up some meetings

I guess he isn’t entitled to have good games then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I doff my Duff cap in your honour.
Oh Yeah

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What a quitter.