PSA for those who don't own Tactics yet

Currently on sale until tomorrow for those who don’t want Gamepass


Wish I was into games like this, but I played the tutorial and couldn’t bring myself to continue. Wish they made it like halo wars, pick heroes and command cog or locust army… one can dream

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I enjoyed it for a number of hours but without pvp or pve I’ve lost interest.

Tactics does need a PVE or coop.

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The entire game is PVE what exactly do you mean?

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A horde mode or coop where people can fight the locust as a team.

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Horde would be incredibly boring IMO. No offense but horde mode wouldn’t work here with the way the game works

Veteran missions could work better if it were improved upon. IMO they should fix what’s there.

I could dig co-op. But that’s a big endeavor and a lot would need to be considered.

Yes it would take some doing to make coop work, or horde but it could be interesting.

I have only played mission 1 so far in Tactics because I was doing a few holiday events in other games, still working through Gears 5 op 5 for Lambent RAAM.

I think they just need something where you can interact with human beings whatever form that may take.