PSA about The Trap with the closing doors

So y’all know the door that used to be openable and closeable by players near the saferoom at the end of the first act where there’s a supply room, right? Well, that door also decides to close when a player passes through it, in BOTH directions. So you can completely lock players in as nobody thought of letting us climb the big ledges in Escape and the only way out of the room where the supply room is located is through that door.

It also leaves you completely exposed to everything that can shoot you up there as you go to the supply room as the door is now open by default rather than being closed to shield you from the Stumps.

@TC_Shauny Surely this is not intended? The door was never one of the kind that closed as a player passed through right from the release date of the hive.


Would be if funny if they added a ladder to that part instead of fixing the door.

This is fertile ground for all kinds of mischief…

This also means that door is open by default, right? How are you even supposed to reach the supply room if you’re coming from the right if 2 Stumps and a bunch of Drones are shooting at you?

Well, looks like The Trap will be a solo job when it comes to dailies.

It is also open by default, yes. I forgot to include that info in the OP.

Oof, as if the Stumps weren’t annoying enough before that change.

Well, I guess that’s ‘The Trap’ part, heh.
Only send one person that way, have the other two go the normal way, or can only one pass through that door as well?

There is a way to get all three through a door at the same time, but requires precise timing. I wouldn’t take the chance since anyone who doesn’t go through gets locked in. Or if you go from the Stump location to the supply room, you also get locked in(I tested it).

Yes, aware of that but it can be tricky for some at the best of timea, while under fire from a Stump (for either door) would be quite the challenge. I’d be very impressed to see a team pull that off, even more so if they manage to finish the Hive too (with Stumps on of course, or Master).

Guess it’s probably not intended and hopefully will get corrected.

The first set of doors in either act can be passed through without being under fire anyway, usually. And if everyone heads to the supply room area I would assume people will clear the area first before attempting to pass through the doors.

Either way I’ll probably avoid playing with randoms on this hive if at all given that they may not even realize this door will lock others in.

Oh lord…

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Mhhh, some things are better left “unfixed”.
That includes the 3 hives with special doors :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be cool if you could jump up the drop down tiles if there are at least two of you. The animation used in campaign to jump up large walls could be used.

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