Proud to have caught this clip, lol!

I’m host; player grabs fab (sometimes I don’t care who grabs it) and doesn’t drop it to see where taps at… so this happens.


You need to be in the ice next for using Sarah Connor.


now that’s hilarious :joy:

Oh man, I’d say that player was pi**ed when that happened lol

I am good to do that at least once on icebound to my friends

No Sarah Connor disrespect, lol. I still like to play as the original characters before classes were introduced.

They called us idiots after it happened, like how? Lol.

Usually a player will do that on Icebound because they already know where they want the fab - the glitch spot that is located inside the building he was about to enter. From what I’ve been told, the glitch spot is only in that particular building and not the the other corresponding building on the opposite side of the map.

It doesn’t matter where the taps are if you want to use the glitch spot. There’s only one spot to put the fab.

Well, well, well. It’s a true saying:

Revenge is a dish best served cold.


I’m sure it’s appreciated.

RAAM would agree or maybe not


He did cross my mind thanks to that old achievement :joy:, I’m glad you mentioned him.