Protest Saudi Arabia

85000 kids are going to die in less than a month in Yemen if Saudi Arabia doesn’t stop their genocide

They murdered an American citizen

They did 911

Can we please remove this nations flag from the gears emblems
It is a nation against human rights and basic dignity and honor.

I think we need to remember that there is a big distinctive difference between a country, the state, and their government - and the people.

All countries are to varying extents guilty of terrible things. The actions of the Saudi government disgust me. But then so does the actions of the Russian government, the Chinese, Israel, the US etc… Where do you draw the line and decide what country’s flag is available as an emblem?

Although I wouldn’t be against the idea removing all country flag emblems. I just wouldn’t want to single out a few over others.


I didn’t say anything about people, I’m talkin but their flag

But the flag represents both the government, as well as the people. The Saudi people will feel an affiliation toward their flag in the same way Americans do to theirs.


Just to add, for a long time, I actually didn;t keep any of the national flag emblems in GOW4 and certainly didn’t use any (not even my own country’s). I always scrapped them, because I find the concept of nationalism to be very… unsavoury. It was only more recently that from a completionist perspective that I just kept them in order to finally complete my collection of skins across the board! By all means, get rid of the lot of flags. I wouldn’t be bothered by that at all. :slight_smile: I just think that if TC singled out one country over another, it’s a can of worms waiting to be opening. TC would then basically be moralising about what they believe to be right and wrong. By excluding say the Saudi flag but keeping say, the Israeli one it’s essentially an act of condoning Israeli atrocities over Saudi ones.

For the record, I don’t mind companies taking sides and supporting causes. But it is a matter of opinion, and from a PR perspective it’s a nightmare. I should also add that when a company takes an official stance on something like this, how does it affect the employees who may not share that view? If TC took a position on foreign policy I’d respect them for it and respect their right to express such views. Ultimately companies are formed of people, and people are driven by their own set of values and moral code. I don’t subscribe to that naive view that “athletes should just concentrate on sports!” or “musicians should just concentrate on writing songs!” stuff. People are people, and have a right to their own views. But there will be consequences because you end up annoying some of your fan base, as well as oppressing employees who disagree (and it’s their right to). Sometimes it’s better to stay neutral.

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I feel what you’re saying. This just isn’t the platform to implement a protest. The emblem does not assist the country or their injustices. It’s for video gamers to represent their location or heritage (or to troll, which I’m guilty of).

In the spirit of bagging, tagging, and dismembering, perhaps the Saudi flag is more appropriate than we think… :thinking:

This is about Gears of War. It’s a bloody flag, these forums aren’t for this kind of talk.

I personally couldn’t really care less if I tried.


This kind of discussion is not permitted here. The emblems of countries flags are to allow a player to represent where they are from, or how else they feel fit to use them.

They do not represent what is happening in the country, and again this kind of discussion is the wrong place to have here on this board.

Thank you.

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