Protector is useless

As title says. Protector is one troll of a class at least in horde, all it does is blind people with an already useless ult. This class shouldn’t even exist.

All four of the promotional characters are very limited and dont serve much use in Horde or Escape anymore. This is due to the lack of cards and pretty week ultimates.

Emile use to be very good at Escape during Op 1&2 due to his bleed and melee.He can still be ok but there are much better characters to use.

It’s very boring to play with all four promo characters now and the fact that lvl 20 characters have been introduced makes levelling them a chore.

The architect class was interesting to level up.
The stem regen card and all fortifications do more damage card are really nice.
Well… At least for horde.

Next TC promo stuff in future games just ignore It, 'cause they actually don’t care make something nice to us the final users. Also It took several months to get the rest of heroes/classes decent, I remember when team Scorpio on Horde were weaker, now they’re too useful and powerful.

Slugger’s grenades can be fun but they fall off in later waves.