Promotional classes

Can TC please give these classes more cards ? You don’t even have to make new ones just reuse cards from other classes . I’ll do it for free ! These classes and jack are all I have left to get to 20 and it seems impossible. They really suck compared to others and you have to be carried

They have tricks to be fairly useful. Sit down and figure some out :).

Protector is actually pretty decent . Infiltrator can be useful but doesn’t do much damage at all . The two terminator are complete waste .

Protector and Striker can both benefit using cards from Infiltrator and Blademaster, Slugger really needed that Gambit card from Demolitions just to make the grenades on that class a whole lot fun to use.

They’re not really even that bad, did a horde frenzy with all these low tier classes on pahanu and it went surprisingly well for a pahanu master run :man_shrugging:t2:. Slugger grenade spam is actually very viable. Striker can single handedly kill bosses.

They do need more cards, I doubt that will happen though.

Protector has damage boost and bleed card . Give em a breaker and they are viable with auto stim (except against kestrel, guardians , swarmack and wukatu. The grace class whatever it’s called is only useful for killing wardens . She has no damage resistance to even get close . Again I’m only talking in the hardest difficulties .
Ive seen people spam frag with slugger but that’s gotta be boring to do that for an entire horde or even a frenzy .
That’s the point it’s chore to use these classes and I don’t find them fun because they suck on high difficulty. Imagine regeneration buff for enemy and only having these classes .

I would tend to agree. These classes are not fantastic. But they are usable and some of them are underrated (especially the Slugger and Protector). But even so, the strategies you use on promos can be done better on another class. That’s the real issue here.

But they do have their good spots, the Architect’s Ultimate can last a long time with the right cards equipped, which can distract bigger enemies like Scions. It essentially acts as a free decoy you don’t have to repair, put out a few sentries to get your ultimate to last longer, and you make your team’s life easier, especially on boss waves.

The Slugger is very good in Horde as well as a few Escape hives. The Onslaught especially is a good hive for the Slugger.