Promotional Characters

Can anyone confirm that they’re not needed for Seriously 2.0? I’ve seen people post it but none have the achievement. Has anyone gotten the achievement and not had the promo classes at 20? Or seen their achievement tracker move after getting a promo class to 20?

I’m stuck at 98% and have done all the horde maps. Hives and campaign are all done. Most horde maps done twice now. I’ve been in a lobby with 6 people now that have popped Seriously.

Either each promo class gives .5% or I’m lost on what to do to get the last 2%

You’re at Reup 50 too?

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The achievement says “all classes to level 20”


I swear I also saw someone this week mention that they got the achievement without the promos. I don’t personally know anyone that can confirm though.


But I’ve also not seen any proof of those claims.

Not saying anyone is lying because its definitely possible that something isn’t working. All I’m saying is no one is showing proof of the claims that promotional classes aren’t needed.



Well then I can only assume bugged progress or you do need the promos.

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This is the issue. I keep hearing it but no one is showing the achievement with classes under 20 for promo classes. I have a 19 and a 16. I’ll get them both to 20. If I get 1% then I know I need the other 2. If I don’t then that pretty much confirms they’re not needed.


I had not seen this

I’m at 99%

None of my promotionals are 20

Jack is my only non promotional not at 20

If I can get some people to let me play as Jack without booting me I can see what happens

Edit - finished Jack - still at 99%

Reloaded game twice


I’m wondering if TC made it mandatory for promo classes when they changed horde and separated classes from characters.

You may need to give it time to catch up. I got my 1% for doing Ritual quite a while later after multiple game resets and Xbox resets.

Edit: As I said in the other thread I am at 99% with two promos left to do as well as Re-Up 50.

So I will max out the promos (hopefully) this weekend and either I get the achievement early or the promos don’t count.

This exactly!

Just get your characters to 20 by buying boost and support the devs as well!


Wait… Tc have devs??


I can confirm you NEED all promotional classes to level 20 for the achievement. My friend willy has every class level 20 besides the promotional and doesn’t have the achievement. He has every other prerequisite completed besides all classes level 20. All he needs are the promotional classes to unlock seriously 5.0 chapter 2.

What is his achievement percentage at?


While that doesn’t confirm it I do believe it is necessary. I have seen others with all requirements and stuck at 99% because one horde map didn’t count for them even though they did it.

But there’s been multiple people now that have done there promo classes last and the achievement has popped when they finished them.