Promotes thrashball cole map?

I dont get it. Gears 4, you promoted thrashball cole and drone. No thrashball map ? You had an opportunity to add that map once again for the 1st time. Now in OP3 we get cole and hivebuster skin. 2 weeks later thrasball cole AGAIN…no love for thrashball drone/swarm?

And the 2nd time to ADD a MP map to promote the whole THEME…THRASHBALL MAP to add and promote it. And a cherry on top for gridiron…add THRASHBALL gear ONLY to gridiron gametype since its like football’esk.
If the map was to small or issues on the meta, couldve created a bigger And much BETTER map for it too.
JESUS TC…what’s up with the great P.R. being wasted for this theme to promote Cole Train???


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Just play Gears 3 lol.

Thinking about it, TC could probably create a true Thrashball game-type using some of the existing game play mechanics from PVE modes.

I mean, Cole has his own unique tackle ability which could be used.

You have the concept of stopping power for weapons.

Maybe a game-mode on a fairly open map where players have to grab the ball and score touchdowns and there’s no actual killing involved? Some additional features could be that all players can perform the tackle. All players could have a single-bullet reload Boltok which has stopping power (but does no damage) and players have to slow opponents down and tackle each other to prevent touchdowns? Maybe throw in some flashbangs as pick-ups, and maybe a limited special ability to boost your running speed for a short period as well (which has a cooldown and only lasts 2 seconds each use)?


I wasnt trying too. It was my connection on my cell idling. Sorry

Guess we gotta find a new name for Blitz mode

But why? I went back to 4. And that was good enough. Everybody giving TC ideas that could give good use in the dying game as is and you telling the people who might want it in gears 5, say play gears 3? EPICS old game?
That’s like evolving backwards! And why not add it in the gridiron mode since its a niche game type mechanic. The maps for it arent that great.
Adding thrashball that seems a sports type map would be beneficial to the game in its current state.

I dunno you’re throwing a fit over Thrashball–a map from Gears 3…

Go play Gears 3.

But im not. Your just throwing a ignorant comment. When gears 3 is pretty much dead. When they can add maps to 5 instead