Promotes thrashball cole AGAIN....But no map?

I dont get it. Gears 4, you promoted thrashball cole and drone. No thrashball map ? You had an opportunity to add that map once again for the 1st time. Now in OP3 we get cole and hivebuster skin. 2 weeks later, thrasball cole AGAIN…no love for thrashball drone/swarm?

And the 2nd time to ADD a MP map to promote the whole THEME…THRASHBALL MAP to add snd promote it. And a cherry on top, for gridiron…add THRASHBALL gear ONLY to gridiron gametypd since its like football’esk gametype.
JESUS TC…what’s up with the great P.R. for this theme to promote Cole Train???

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Closing as you have more than one thread on the exact same topic.