Promo Class Op7 Buff feedback

As someone who always loved to play as promo classes, I was looking forward to the Op7 buffs.

I tested a whole lot of stuff since op7 and I think I want to give a little feedback about the promo classes.
1st of: I am very gradefull, that they finally got a well done buff (few exceptions, feedback below) . Here is my feedback for all of them:

I start with the obvious best promo class buff here. Slugger. There isn’t much to say here. The granade buff (200%dmg and 50%range) is a very good buff here. Before op7 I was thinking this could be a little overpowered. But no. He is in a very good spot now (best from all promos) but he is still weaker than tactician or Demolitions in comparison.
People say the penetrarion card isn’t working. Thats the only thing I didn’t test. If so this should be fixed. But overall, this class got the best buff here and is in a very good spot now.

This has become my favorite class now.
Almost everything is well done here. Not Overpowered and not trash anymore and fun to play.
He is well balanced in my opinion.
Don’t need much to say here with 1 exception (I will talk about it below)

He got a good buff too but I have some problems with him. Compared to other melee classes (protector and bladedancer) he is a lot weaker. I think it’s almost OK because he got a very good stim. But my problem is he is too weak in comparison. He doesn’t have any card that gives him more melee dmg. He should get a 50% melee dmg buff at least (passive or card). That’s Stil way less dmg than blade class or protector but it is a little bit better than nothing.
If the 50% melee buff is too much, at least he should have the breaker Mace as a starter weapon. Why not? Other classes start with boomshot, dropshots. All of them are 4k. The overkill as a starter weapon makes no sense because the whole striker class relies on the breaker Mace more than any other class (protector and blademaster have good 130% melee dmg from the start). On master enemies still need some good hits with the breaker Mace as a striker. Put out the overkill and give him the breaker Mace. This is necessary.
And the 2nd thin are 2 cards of him that still bothering me.
1st: The first strike card. It should be changed to what the sniper has. If enemies HP is over 90% HP.
It is nearly impissoble to trigger this card after some waves because either enemies got shot from teammates / turrets or the most annoying thing: Fences. It would be better to change the full hp trigger to at least around 90-95%.
2nd Card): His explosion card. It would be better to add bleeding dmg to trigger the explosions. It is frustrating that he hit the enemy with the mace but it’s like a 50/50 change the bleeding dmg will kill the enemy without triggering the explosion.
Overall: If 50% melee dmg is too much, at least give him the mace as a starter weapon. That is too important to him.

I think the architect got the worst buff out of all promos. It’s not like the architect is bad but he still lacks the most important thing the other 2 mechanic classes have: Cost reduction overall.
The mechanic has a card to reduce even more cost reduction than robot expert and architekt and the Robotexpert don’t need to repair the base because of his repairing heads hot card. So both classes are good choices because 1 have cost reduction from the start and the other has cost reduction because he don’t need to repair anything. So why should anyone choose the architekt over the other 2? I know he is fun with his decoy and to have a mechanic is always good for the team, but I think this class needs a card too that helps to reduce some sort of costs for the base (the most important cards / passive as a mechanic). I don’t know what sort of cost reduction he should get, opinions here please, but I thing the lack of a cost reduction card is still the worst thing of him.

Finally: I already discussed it many times but I thing with 2 more melee classes now since the promo buff, the breaker Mace needs a simple QoL change. Breaker Mace should be unbreakable.
I can accept, that the Ammo/HP from this weapon goes down if you get hurt but why in hell to break the whole weapon? It’s hard enough to play as a melee and I thing everyone can confirm, that they died some times because of some random spawn/boomshot or whatever. It’s just frustrating that the mace can break.

That is my opinion on all the classes. I think the promoclasses are way better than before and I am really thankful for it. But I think just a little change with striker and architect are still necessary.


I like your suggestions for the striker class. Demo starts with a heavy hitter weapon why can’t striker. Id say keep the overkill but switch the enforcer to the breaker mace.


Since they have given slugger a huge buff with nades. Can we give back demolition his ammo capacity back??? Or am I asking for to much now??? :joy:

Always loved extra bullets on boomshots/dropshots.

I don’t mind which of those weapons they swap with the breaker Mace honestly… But I think the breaker Mace really should be a starter weapon for Striker for obvious reasons.
The cards suggestions for striker are more fixes than buffs.

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For blademaster to?

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Lahni is already good enough. A breaker mace starter weapon is complete overkill. Claw/gnasher is honestly just fine.


“for blademaster too”

No. Blademaster is strong enough with his starter claw and his (130%?) melee dmg card.
Of course he needs a breaker Mace too but it’s fair enough that blademaster buy it from the fabricator.

Striker is way different. His starter weapons are the worst for horde master (same like mechanics class but they have at least a different role).
On top of that he is extremely weak with melee. He relies 100% of the breaker Mace. Because of that it is fair enough to give him > HIS < weapon as a starter weapon.


I like this guy.


Protector’s 30% Melee Resistance passive should be just overall Damage Resistance, Combine that with the class’s Damage Resistance perk and it should be good imo,

Before anyone says that sounds busted, Infiltrator’s Enhanced Stim card basically provides that and it seems to work very well in keep oneself alive during later waves, provided you got stim of course.


Stop saying he and his! It started off as a female char!
At least say it!

But I agree with your Striker changes.
My issue isn’t with the lack of melee damage, even if it isn’t as a good as protector or Blademaster in that respect. The issue is lack of resistance of any form to ranged attacks outside of the stim which can go way too quickly on higher difficulties.

I will die on the hill of adding the Infiltrator’s “take X% less damage whilst stimmed” to the passive will make it better for Striker.

Also, all my yes to Striker starting with a mace.
Although I smell suicides to give to other classes, but hey ho.


Protector is “Balanced”, but honestly TOO WEAK & you’re hardly to Maintain your output without the Ultimate.

A starting Weapon for Protector to have a Pipe is Better, but the Main Problem is the Resistance is Kind of Joke because it relies on Bleeding. There’s a Delay to his Bleeding Regen. However, the Melee Resistance is Kind of Useless because you seldom get Melee by Enemies, Damage Resistance is much Balanced to Me.

To the Striker, it only needs to Increase the Radius of the Explosive Card for at least 3~5 Metres.

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My bad. I mostly play as males that is the only reason.

“Also, all my yes to Striker starting with a mace.
Although I smell suicides to give to other classes, but hey ho”

That is already the same with all other classes like 4 boomshots in a full locker.
There is no different to mace. Besides: I still rarely see a striker class in horde master to use this suicide trick. But like I said… It’s the same with any other class.


Either way, I love Striker and anything to make it less squishy when on the move would be great.


Striker’s passive is weird, speed boost is fine but after a certain point you’ll get downed almost immediately after being shot. Speed isn’t gonna make you crawl faster either.

Me and @SMARTAN_427 made a big post a while back with ideas for Promos. For Architect, we wrote about making it focused on Fortification Upgrades. The idea was to complete the “circle” of engineering by having the Mechanic build, the Architect upgrade, and the Robotics Expert repair.

Also, we suggested to give the Architect cards for Shock Sentries and Decoys (among other team support and combat cards), seeing how the other two engineers already have cards to focus on MGs and Locker.

Post can be found here.

Suiciding for weapons is such a silly thing. It could be just as simple to let every class buy their starting loadout weapons for 500 power.



I thought about something similar with the “upgrade cost reduction” or anything like that.
Hard to say what is the perfect balance here, but it’s obvious that the biggest reason why people (still) prefer mechanics / robots over architects are the all around cost reduction cards both have (mechanic = new fortification / robotexpetert = repair cost).

They could do with fixing the passive on the protector. It doesn’t kick in fast enough and when it does I am already dbno lol.

That is an unfortunate side effect of bleed damage kicking in one second after it is procced. The passive needs an overhaul (again) TBH. For one thing, new players have to “unlock” the passive, as it is tied a card. At least Blademaster’s passive includes melee damage as well.

Protector’s passive should also include melee damage, at least. In fact, I believe it should heal for any CQC damage dealt, including ballistics, so it doesn’t desincentivize the use of Gnasher.

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The recent Promo buffs have been a great step in the right direction.

Slugger seems to be in a good spot now. I don’t think that there is necessarily anything that needs to change with the existing passive and cards. More cards would be cool, sure. But at least the playstyle it has is now much stronger and more cohesive. I’m curious to see how it will fare once the overpenetrating rounds are fixed.

Architect definitely could have used some more Engineer cards to better differentiate it from the others, but at least the Ult stuff seems much better now.

It would certainly be great if this was done. A little thing and could make them the best at getting level 4 lockers.

I remember us talking about Decoys, but lol I forgot about the Shock Sentries. Chaining, anyone?

Anyway, for Striker I can’t comment too much, but this idea going around about having it simply spawn with the Breaker Mace sounds like a fantastic idea. I do agree that, just from LOOKING at it’s abilities, that Striker definitely needs some additional damage resistance to not get melted on the way to meleeing a target. The passive speed boost is a cool idea for making it get there faster though.

Another thing for Striker, not sure if @Siul_S249 mentioned it here yet, but the First Strike card needs some leniency added to its trigger conditions. Making it 90% like Marksman’s Ambush card would be fair enough, that way players can still make use of it on enemies that get just barely scratched by fortifications, for example.

Lastly, Protector. As a big Protector fan since launch, I’m loving the additional Drop Shield spam the class can dish out, and the perk rework that they all got, but the passive definitely feels a tad lacking. It being limited to bleed makes instantly killing say, Juvies a detriment to using the Big Knife card for extra melee damage, not to mention like Siul said, it disincentivizes use of the now also-buffed Gnasher card.

Agreed wholeheartedly. All other non-Promo CQC classes can get 60% or higher, even outright immune in the case of Nomad when executing. Sure, Protector kinda is meant to be used in tandem with the Drop Shield, but instantly getting melted when caught out of cover for just a milisecond when trying to close the gap in CQC sucks like no other. 30% all resist (particularly for ballistics) would do a lot by itself for Escape, and like you said would combo well with the perk in Horde to help with late-wave poisons.

At the least. PLEASE TC…

Agreed. Would go with the versatile theme of Close Range Recharge too. And IMO ALL CQC classes need a very reliable way to sustain themselves in CQC, so even if it is a bit redundant at this point, it would be for the better.

Yes. Agreed 100%. You know how I am triggered by this crap lol.

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Hmmm, I agree.

I remember when back in op 1/2 (maybe 3 to) JD had boomshot and gl to start of with. Including the ammo capacity. Now that’s total domination back then. Players just love spamming gls :rocket::rocket::rocket:

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