Promised store-update not happening

As a heads up, this will be the last week for new Operation 5 items in the store. We will be bringing you a whole lot of prior Gears Goodies for next week.

What happened to this part of last weeks TWIG? The “new” section is now available for coins, but nothing old was brought back.

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What’s so difficult about adding some old, one-time released executions that were also extremely overpriced back then??

I honestly think TC forgot about that part of the TWIG or just flat out don’t give a damn.


I thought TC said that there wouldn’t be anything new this week? It’ll just be the items from last week being added to the Op 5 section (Omega Dom etc) and being available for GC.

Operation 4 was like that too - there was nothing new in the final week - they just added the previous week’s items (the UIR Officers) to the Op 4 section.

Check the TWIG, I copypasted that part. Maybe it was an accident but that’s no excuse imo.

And old content =/= new.


Good to see they even ignore twitter-folks calling them out on this.

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The way it is worded, it states no new items but “prior Gears goodies next week” can only mean Featured items, but apparently we got none.

On a side note, I really thought communications would improve with Dana leaving but I guess I was wrong, I mean, Speyer’s description? isn’t that a copy paste from District? TC really needs someone to proof read everything they write.

Edit: since TC cannot proof read, the community did it for them (again), they fixed the description and are now translating what they wrote last week.

Good work @HerrKatzchen.

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Yeah, I’m not seeing any updates.

It must be difficult for them, working at such an unappealing and dwindling studio.