Progression system discussion

So I was wondering what other peoples ideas were for a fun progression system. I recently got back into titanfall 2 as my secondary shooter next to gears and I can’t help but appreciate the progression system in it.

In titanfall 2 after every match you get a simple layout and exp bar of performance and progression stats towards a weapon skin or skill set unlockable/in game currency that happens frequently and consistently. I always feel like moving foward in that games progression even if it’s for a match or 2. That’s just one example but I am wondering what everyone else thinks

This might fall in the thread about progression and unlocks but feel free to move it there mods

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Yeah but is there money to be made from it? :wink:

On a serious note, yeah anything that moves away from lootboxes, microtransactions and RNG would be very welcome.

I’d also suggest an RPG-esque levelling up system for Horde to unlock and level up abilities. For example each time you level up you get Horde tokens which can be used to level up abilities. Some abilities are locked until you reach a minimum prerequisite level, and the higher level abilities you want to level up will require more tokens. Perhaps each ability fits into a skill tree, so some abilities need you to follow a particular branch? Some abilities may be tied to others (so you must have unlocked say, Ability X in order to unlock Ability Y? It’s crazy that some veteran Horde players still haven’t managed to acquire all Horde skill cards because of RNG. This idea would eliminate that.

Gears VS is beautiful in that you cannot gain any competitive advantage through in-game rewards. I would not want to see that changed.


It’s not always competitive advantage for gears I would say in game unlockable skins

Funnily enough, I’ve been getting into Titanfall 2 again recently, too. Played a little bit shortly after launch, but only as long as it took to get 100% achievements (especially compared to the first game, it’s laughably easy).

Anyways, I kind of like how Titanfall did progression. Ironically for a EA game, the nickel and diming is minimal as the majority of stuff is done through progression. It’s close to ideal and what everyone else should be doing.

(The Ultimate Edition is $4.50 right now. Seriously, go get it).