Progression for Krampus Scion not registering

I just want to know if its just a visual bug and the progression is actually registering or maybe the event is over even though it still appears ??? I did 4 games today with 20+ kills every time and it shows no progression in the medals section. I wanted to unlock the Krampus Scion before it goes away but considering i don’t like FFA and it takes me 10+ mins to find a game where i have 120 ping because the population is so low that it puts me on east coast server even tho i’m from EU , i’m not going to keep playing if it’s for nothing , i might aswell play another mode or another game.

The event ended yesterday


“Gearsmas will be turned on ~3-4 hours after the initial release and will run until January 2, 2020.”



Starting to wonder how many more of these threads are going to come up in the following days/weeks.

Well considering the Gears 4 forums, probably plenty.

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Wish they had actually let it run for all of the 2nd. It turned off about 4-5pm gmt just as I was grinding out the kills, it literally stopped registering kills half way through the match.

Unlocks being tied to limited time modes and all, you’d think they put up and ends in X timer up.

The events almost always switch at 10:00 am PST. Also usually on Tuesday.

ok thanks. I got confused because the game still shows the medals like it’s still active.

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Fair enough, definitely would be good for TC to set them to hide once they are no longer available

It’s a Christmas skin that was still available for unlocking almost a week later. Plus the unlock period was announced in advance.

This is one thing you can’t fault the devs for.