Progress/Mic issues

Active Tour Objectives are obviously very important when you want to get further with unlockables in this game. Currently, there an objective that says to complete Hive 5 times. I’ve complete the Hive 9 times now and only 3 were accounted for. Why? Because after completing it, the earned unlockables and stats that show up during the match results encounters an error and this is causing my Active Tour Objectives to not go accounted for. Everything else such as ability cards and such are received, but active tour objectives never go through once you encounter that error. The error code I receive is 0x00000x46

Since before launch during the early access, I’ve had problems with using mic on this game. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, checked to see if my mic was on, checked with other games and they seem to work just fine. Only in this game the mic doesn’t work, tried parties as well and it works. Tried a different set of headphones as well and still with the same issue. Horde and Hive modes are pretty hard to complete during high difficulties without communication. So being unable

I understand it’s still early and bugs should be expected. But these are things that really shouldn’t be overlooked. Things like these can make a game unplayable and un-enjoyable to some of us. New content should be second to bugs this serious.

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