Progress for Road to Gears 5 challenges is not working

First of all I have to say that I already have completed the challenge for gilded Marcus, but when I started the game for the first time in a long time today there wasn’t new characters (I was expecting to play with Gilded Marcus), also no achievement were unlocked and then I checked the road to gears 5 web to see my progress but everything stills at 0. All the updates are installed and I don’t know what it happening, if someone else is experiencing this same issue please let me know. Thx.

After 2 days it still the same: no progress in the website. Please the coalition take care of it.

Because of the large number of people playing the game right now due to these challenges and using the website to track progress, there’s been some slowdown across everything - the site as well as the way the achievement tab shows progress.

Progress is definitely being tracked on TC’s end, but players may experience delays in the way progress is recorded. No progress should be lost so keep at it!

For my secondary account the challenges didn’t appear on my achievements tab for several hours even though progress was recorded on the website, as an example and they would be unlocked as I did them.

Other players have reported the challenge not popping on completion so they haven’t got their skins, or experienced delays in it happening. If that happens you just gotta wait. A couple of friends had to wait until the next day before it popped.

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Thanks a lot bro, that’s what I wanted too heard, I’ll keep playing completely sure that my progress is being saved even though there’s a delay because too much people is playing.
I can’t the Gilded Characters, even after 2 days. I think it’s like a bug. Please The Coalition a lot of players are having the same issue. Fix it.

Hmmm, must’ve been this way since the first ever challenge then, this explains everything

Dunno about the first one. I don’t 100%remember the first challenge - the Feral Swarm one, even having a progress tracker! If I remember correctly we had to use our memories or a pen and paper!

Since they began using the Reward page on the site and the XB achievement tab, yeah the progress tracking hasn’t been great - whether it’s visual errors or delays in processing progress and rewards. But apparently despite this TC always had a correct record of all player progress on their end.

Yes, correct they have been good with fixing it everytime.

I still have this problem too I play in horde and I made the achivment but my stats do not change

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Same. I don’t get any progress doesn’t matter which game mode I’m playing and The Coalition gives no answer.