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Problems yo play Private Horde


(TarmicleIII) #1

I cant play horde in private, because appear the problem 0x00000d1c. Please i hope to a solution to this. Thanks

(Belkain) #2

Do you know what the magnifying glass to the top right stands for? It’s called a search bar, type what you need and you’ll find plenty of answers (don’t copy paste, just type).

Don’t mean to be rude but there have been plenty of threads about this and TC actually gave an official answer, look it up.

(x00FireWolf00x) #3

put your gamertag here to get this problem fixed

(mike yaworski) #4




(GrannyKilla718) #5

Can yall fix my horde please

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(GrannyKilla718) #7

Come on please fix my horde, bored out my mind!!!

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