Problems with this game: Overpowered lancers, Eliminations

The two biggest problems I had with this game were the over powered lancers and Eliminations combining kills and assists. The lancer is so overpowered it feels like call of duty! The second problem I had was kills and assists being combined it is so unsatisfying! Part of the reason I love gears was to show off that K/D ratio but now I could 50-10 in a game and not even know how many damn kills I had! You put two shots into a guy and get an elimination. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Just make assists and kills separate categories. If someone steals your down they steal your down the game goes on.

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Stopped reading right there. They’re not overpowered whatsoever. You just want it to be a one weapon game.

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It’s so overpowered you’re obviously not a gears vet

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The typical response by someone who thinks they’re a know it all.

I played Gears 1 since launch and every Gears game afterwards. I’ve been a Diamond rank in Gears 4 every season since Season 3. Trust me, the odds are I understand Gears and it’s mechanics, including the weapons, much more than you do.

Take your elitist attitude of “you must not be a Gears vet” like it actually means something and bring it down a notch. You obviously want the Gnasher to be the only weapon which means you’re not very good at the game whatsoever.

In fact, I am such a big Gears fan I had my Judgment box signed by Pete and Raczilla at PAX East 2013. The game wasn’t very good but I still wanted it signed.


Been playing since gears 1 as well. I use every gun and use them quite well. From what I’m seeing on this forum I’m not the the only one upset with the op ARs so you’re definitely in the minority on this one. I just don’t want to SEE THIS GAME become a damn cross firing MESS and you know damn well they will address the lancer tuning because it’s a problem.

If they address the cross fire in the final version it won’t be that much. The point of weapon balance is for each weapon to have its strengths and weaknesses. The Gnasher is meant to be a close range weapon for those opponents near you. For the sake of this conversation, the rifles, specifically the Lancer, is meant for mid-range combat. In King of the Hill, a team who uses angles and team crosses an opponent running in the open is exactly what a rifle is meant to be used for. If you tried to use a Lancer at a close range enemy who is charging with a Gnasher the odds are the Gnasher will win that battle. Trust me, I tried it just to see what I could get away with. This means the Lancer isn’t OP because it’s actually working as intended and isn’t capable of outperforming other weapons at their intended range.

The point is if you play the game to each weapons strengths you will be fine. Those complaining about the Lancer being overpowered have no sense of which weapon is best for that situation. Those same people also don’t want to use cover properly and think they should be able to run freely with no consequences. To those players my team and I say enjoy your stay at DBNO hotel.

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Arcade? Or KOTH/Escalation.

Because if Arcade…next. plus there’s an official feedback thread. Stop making new ones if it’s the same complaint as Gears “Vet” 2,374 and 2,375.

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Sorry to face your wrath babe, but I do actually need to close this.

I did consider listing all my Gears achievements and merch and trying to one up everyone, but it wouldn’t have been appropriate,


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