Problems with the Brawler class skill

I recently started training the Brawler class and the most important skill card for my build -Shooting Warmth- it’s not working for me. After some searches i saw that this problem has occurred a few months ago with other players and that it was properly fixed with an update to 4 months ago.

Is anyone else with this problem and does anyone know when they’ll fix it again?

There are posts on sites where players express that they think it’s just misuse of the skill such as being out of reach of it which doesn’t seem to be the case since I’ve done several tests and it doesn’t really work.

Thanks for listening.

I can confirm that it’s now working for me, ever since they fixed it the last time around. Of course, TC seems to be able to fix something for a certain percentage of the community but not for the rest, so it may not be working properly for everyone.

I understand, so they need to collect more information about problems and continue fixing for those who are not free of this or if any other problem.

Thanks for explaining that not everyone is going through this.

Soothing Warmth is a broken card even for me to this day. Doesn’t properly take effect every time, just sometimes.

Possibly it also only works on Level 6 more or less and on lower levels not at all (in case yours isn’t on level 6 yet)?

Yeah I used it a few times. 275% health regen sounds nice but it simply isn’t fast enough healing to be effective on high difficulties. So the other cards - Perk Up, Inner Fire etc…are better.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be too bad but its short range just won’t cut it. I tried it a bunch in Horde with a hybrid ranged/Scorcher build. You can basically stand next to the enemy and inside your own fire and keep healing which is great, but getting to the enemy on Master will become a problem since those fellas will just shoot you down across the map already. And that the enemy even burns is kinda RNG based unless you tackle them with Torch Tackle equipped. In which case it only triggers the second time you tackle the enemy.

Scorcher build is so disappointing to me IMO. Half the time you just light yourself on fire because the Scorcher only burns like 5m away and you don’t have the damage resistance to survive the encounter.

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Exactly, I had people suggest me the Scorcher build a bunch of times and hence tried to incorporate it into this sort of ranged build but with the Scorcher for close-range.

Just aint worth it. Sticking to LancerGL/Hammerburst is still superior in comparison (plus the Hammerburst is actually useful for once lol).

The countermeasure idea was Soothing Warmth for it, which does work but you’ll be missing another card that’s relatively important to be viable on range or just simply for later waves.


I just got it and upgraded it to level 2 for now, very expensive.

Ditto. The Scorcher is fun, but half the time it causes more harm than good.

I’d personally want for one of the Brawler’s passive skills to be a sizeable damage resistance buff to fire. Or alternatively (as this may be a bit OP as it could make you invulnerable to Flamers in Horde) at least for the coding of the Scorcher to be changed so not to cause friendly fire to yourself.

Both GL + HB together? I have tried GL + Scorcher and HB + Scorcher and it’s a really squishy build. I mostly reserved the Scorcher on the Barriers, around corner covers and bosses. It wasn’t for general mobs as had to stay far away as possible with ranged fire bullets, most of time. In the end, it depends on what you find fun. I thought it would be fun to do a fire only build without the torch racking and apparently, burning with ranged fire then switching to Scorcher Mastery applies more burn damage, I think.

Yep, HB for infinite ammo (basically, once the ammo regen perk gets to a certain level it’s impossible to run dry on ammo) and shooting at long range targets, Lancer GL for bosses and close range targets. Especially with Instant Reload this weapon is lovely. Not even using the GL rounds that often, just firing bullets. The GL rounds I really just waste on spongy bosses or if I actually find a cluster of enemies.

Well, makes sense I guess seeing how this works on other cards/classes with similar effects as well considering bleed damage. Burn damage is similar to bleed damage. I prefer to just keep firing at the target though from a save distance rather than risking close range battle or doing a bit of burn damage and swapping to the Scorcher just to increase it for a short period.
I imagine it’s nowhere near as a drastic difference as for Tactician.

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