Problems with skins

I purchased the hive buster Baird and he is not in my character slots I did this two days ago? Does anyone know why I haven’t got it yet… I heard you have to unlock all the over skins first??

You have to unlock the standard Armorred Baird skin.

You should have received a warning message just before you bought the character indicating that you don’t have it unlocked and that you need to do so first.


This is the message that appears.


I have unlocked armoured Baird just not classic beard

That’s odd then. I presume you will have restarted your console in the last 2 days. Might need to tweet TC then. Some other people have complained of delays in them getting new items from the store. It’s probably a similar issue.

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Bleeding , Merry Christmas my friend. Would you be interested in playing a game of maybe escape or horde?

I’m around tomorrow (I’m a UK player and at this moment in time it’s about 3:30am!) Feel free to add me.

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It’s 11:32 pm here in Canadas Atlantic coast. I got off work not too long ago and I’m currently sitting on the toilet eating candy

So neither of us can play at this precise moment then? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can wipe anytime. I’m just browsing the forums.

Morning, also UK and awake! Time for some Ge3rs :wink: