Problems with My rank

This problem already has several weeks, what happens is that is that the percentage of my rank got stuck in 24.77% and from there it does not rise or fall, currently I have a streak of 15 Matches won and the porcentage does not rise or fall, the truth I hope you can help me, I am quite stressed with this problem, I hope they can solve something.

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U have a screen shot of ur record and rank before the 15 win streak and one from after? Otherwise no one will believe you.

Also, what was ur KD during this streak?

Stressed lmao Pretty sure you didn’t do a search to see that everyone else that does rank basically has the same problem as you

To be fair to op it is not the easiest thing to stop caring about rank - it would stress me out until I found out that there are several posts daily on every social media outlet bashing the rank system. I mean at this point I’ve come to accept that gears ranks are not to be taken seriously as any standard of how much of a slayer u are - diamond kids playing w 5 stacks w .9 KD compared to the solo w a 1.8 KD who can’t win a 3v5 lol

I have the same problem but worse . I was onyx 3 78% win 8 matches and it only went up to 81% and I lost 2 and went down to 41%. Most on this forum aren’t that great at gears 4 since anytime you post you have a good win streak and they call ■■■■■■■■ on it but I believe you and feel your pain . It took me 27 wins to get to onyx 3 on team death match and I only lost 6 matches . Been playing my whole vacation and I cant hit diamond mo matter what .