Problems with my Gears 5

Hi so I have problems with success bone mill. I won every week versus, and now he stands at 98% and doesn’t come.

FurthermoreJermad Token kor head shots do not count higher than 14/25 I’ve made some.

How do I get to success and character?

Profile newly downloaded etc. Everything already tried

Could someone please post the Jermad totem challenges?

Try un-equipping and re-equipping the totem.

The easiest way to get headshots on COG characters is when you are on the Swarm team in Arcade.

Thx got your help.

I have now unlocked Operation 3 characters and switched back to jermad.

I’m going to trade it again.

I haven’t played Arcade yet and I’m going to test it there.

In Koh, easter event, gridiron and tdm it did not count.

I’m not getting to the challenges right now.

Kill 25 cog Charakters in versus i think it is.

All Otter Challenges count Right and i completed them.

Good keep trying. Because if it is not working then there may be a bug and we need to report it to TC.

I remember I unlocked it by playing Arcade but they may have changed which playlists count for COG headshots.

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I’m disappointed the Jermad, Kantus and Drone challenges hadn’t changed to 30k XP.

I mean…fairness

There’s no fairness when they’re also going to change Gears Allies and Re-up XP later.

A slice of fairness is still fairness

And what you and @anon32088142 do behind closed doors is none of my business

The headshots only counts in Arcade. But why thanks for helping me.

Where can I reported the Problem with y 98% achievment which doesen´t unlock. All my friends with which i played to unlock the achievment get it only i don´t get it.

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Check this thread:

And try submitting a ticket:

Okay i have reply the tweet. Thx.

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