Problems with Matching

Lately, I only get opponents who have a much higher rank. For example: my team completely onxy from 1-3 and the opponents: 2x diamond 4 3x diamond 1 of which 2 computer players. I was Onxy3 and just before Diamond won more and more games than lost but in the last 2 weeks I lose at least 75% because the matching builds mist.

Check it out, I as Gears veteran (almost daily since 5 years) lose their appetite for the game

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thats so weird. on my end, im gold 3 and i get matched with silver, gold and bronze only… i literally have zero progress, no matter how much i win. i would be grateful to play against some higher ranked players to move up a bit. its the complete opposite contrast. this matchmaking experience is inconsistent throughout the playerbase.

I played the test with the account of my stepfather because he only plays Horde. After the 5 test games I started with Bronze 1 and got as opponents only onyx teams. I know a few diamond players who now only come to Onyx3 in Season4 because their matching always messes up just before the transition. But no matter how you turn it, there is something wrong.

Add me as a friend then you can play with me and see what I mean

Great tag, that is all I have to offer :+1::blush: