Problems with Gears 5

I’m being honest when I say I really enjoyed the campaign a lot more than I did 4.
But the rest of the game feels lifeless. after just playing the versus mode and trying to find a horde match (without people leaving) then trying escape mode I just felt like there is no real point in playing.
I found that I have no reason to care to continue and for a game I just forked out $120 for I gotta say I feel ripped off.
most of the content is a grind or behind a stupid paywall in the store.
I miss the days when you can buy a game for its original price and unlock everything and it felt worth it.
This game just seems to smell of greed which makes me really pissed off for the price I payed for it. this isnt a free to play game I shouldn’t be seeing crap like this in here.
At this point I’d rather them just remaster the old ones because I could play them and actually feel like its worth it and that I’m progressing but at this rate I also dont want them tainted with new crappy stores and grindfests to make you want to buy microtransactions.
I can’t be the only one worried that Gears is dying because of most of this. right?
If most of this doesnt change. (which stubbornly I know it wont) then I doubt this game will even last as long as 4 did and that really sucks to think about.
Hopefully we see some changes but I feel like a lot of damage has been done and people have already decided not to touch the game.

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