Problems to stadistics

They never raise me when I win, I’m in onice 3 and I do not raise anything when I win

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I suggest you look at the main thread about the ranking system. It will answer most of your questions there.

But briefly, a few things you need to know:

  1. Increases and decreases in your rank progress depend on the quality of your opponent. So if you’re of high rank and beat lower ranked opponents you won’t gain as much. Equally, if you are high rank and lose to low rank you will suffer big losses. If you are low rank but lose against high rank, it’s possible that you still make gains.

  2. There are two elements of rank - one is the visible rank - Gold 1, Gold 2 etc etc. There’s an invisible rank that no-one can see. This is your true rank, and it’s not necessarily the same as your visible rank. This is the key one.

  3. The ranking system is built largely on rounds won and lost. So in Escalation for example, winning 7-0 means more than winning 7-5. When you’re very high rank you need to be smashing opponents repeatedly and drop as few rounds as possible. However the score within a round doesn’t matter - so in KOTH winning 180-0 is no different to winning 180-170.

  4. You need to be getting MVP to get bigger gains, and getting high scores throughout. Deaths and assists count, but TC have never said to what extent.

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