Problems so far

Need to address these PvP problems because things are just not adding up for me.
-Kill Cam- Sometimes the kill cam doesn’t show up when I die.
When I am killed by a player it shows the player who assisted the kill’s point of view, I get that if that player contributed more damage to kill me, but if thats not the case then thats a problem.
When I do see the kill cam the player shooting me will miss multiple shots that don’t even come close to hitting me but I still die (obviously this doesn’t happen all the time, just stating something that doesn’t make sense) whether it be a server problem or lag.

Gnasher shots- I’ve been playing Gears for 10+ years and I know each game has changed, but the gnasher seems to always remain consistent, so I have played enough to know what distance it takes for a gnasher to 1 hit you or 2 hit/down you. So when I am being 1 hit by a player who shoots for my legs from a considerable distance, it is also something that doesn’t add up. To add onto that it seems that there is something wrong with how shots register in this game, there just doesn’t seem to be enough consistency with certain shots landing and those that do not.

Ranked play- I know Ranked is designed for sweaty nerds who abuse long range camp spots and spray people with Lancers, but that is not what Gears is about. Obviously its not an internal problem with the game but it just becomes miserable playing a game of KOTH and not being able to do anything while the opposing team holds the zone and I am being sprayed down 1v5 trying to do literally anything.

Tour of Duty- I am given no progress while explicitly going for these goals. Or if I do complete them it will notify me in game, but when I go back to my Tour screen, it has 0% completed.

Customization - There is actually a pathetic amount of characters at launch, in my opinion all those who you encounter during the campaign should be available to play as. (Unless they will be added to the next Tour of Duty as unlockable characters, then that is understandable). When looking back to Gears 3 and Gears 4 there was a plentiful amount of characters on both sides, along with even more weapon skins that easy enough to obtain.

Horde/Escape - should have a lock in feature so I don’t have to be booted off my character every time someone else hovers them AFTER me.

Gotta say I love Gears, probably my favorite game out there. But considering that this was released 5 days prior to those who have game pass, TC should have been ready for all this, and all these problems should not have been encountered. In my opinion they really could’ve took Gears 4 and revamped and added all the gameplay features they had and put it in Gears 5.

But it is only the first few days so I would assume these problems will be addressed within the next week or so.

You would think after almost 7 years the game wouldn’t be this buggy…

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