Problems on servers in Brazil

People who live in Argentina, Brazil and Chile can only play the competitive game team death match. Games like: king of the hill, guardian, 2vs2 gnasher, escalation and execution can’t find game. We may be looking these games 20 - 30 minutes and still do not find. This problem continues from the Gears of War 4, since exactly the same happened in this one. If those of us who live in Argentina, Brazil or Chile want to play some competitive game as king of the hill, guardian, escalation, execution or 2vs2 gnasher we have to be invited by a player who lives in Mexico or the USA, since it connects them on servers in the USA. But in Brazil’s servers, as I said, you only find competitive games of team death match, not in the other ways.

When are you going to fix this? From the Gears of War 4 we continue to have patience and we are still waiting to be fixed, that is, for 4 years.

Please TC fix it. Patience is running out.

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Just host custom Horde and play the 50 waves