Problems of monthly rotate maps system 2018

Since 2018 still to now, Maps (war machine, old town, speyer and checkout) NOT appear on public Horde. What problems of rotate maps system? Thanks
Sorry for my poor english.

You should get them, it’s just luck of the draw :slight_smile:
(I played War Machine not too long ago I don’t think)

No way you got war machine in a public horde match.

I’ve been playing Horde since June last year (yup a full year) and I’ve never ever (after hundreds if not more searches) seen on public horde: Checkout, Gridlock, Speyer, Lift (TC Octus acknowledged in a developer stream that some maps are banned for Horde). Funny that there is an achievement for Horde in map banned for public search.

Maps that I haven’t seen for the past 6 months or more: War Machine and Old Town.
After the Blood Drive Nerf never saw it again. Haven’t played in Security in a while also.

After hundreds of searches and not even one War Machine or Old Town you’re definitely wrong. TC claims there’s nothing they can do right for now for Horde Map rotation yet banning maps from public searches works just fine. Kinda difficult to believe what they say when they don’t explain much.

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No War Machine, Speyer, Checkout, Gridlock, Lift for me EVER on public Horde. Unbelievable. Played Old Town on Juvie Madness ONCE. Why are some maps banned on public Horde. I would like to know the answer TC.