Problem with Xbox Game Bar and Xbox Companion App

This game has serious problems with Xbox game bar and Xbox companion app. It causes the game to crash, specially during loading screens. It’s worths mentioning that party chats also gets disconnected while in the loading screens. This needs to be addressed ASAP, because people have problem playing with their friends in Xbox party chats.


this happens every time the game finishes and goes to a new screen “EVERYTIME” on all modes.

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I’m one of the many that get no-video crash on starting up and entering / leaving game etc.

I cant see the companion app being related but the game bar maybe as its an overlay. It can be turned off in Windows options. Please be methodical and report what does have an effect rather than just blaming stuff.

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436.30 is the version of my NVIDIA driver.
I don’t want to disable the game bar. Actually I tried it, and it didn’t work. The game still crashed. But the game has serious problems with the game bar, because 90% of the times party chat gets disconnected in the loading screen and chances are that the game crashes at that exact moment.

The gamebar doesn’t play nicely with Gears5 at all. Even during the playtest, if I accessed the gamebar, any buttons or directions I pressed to select things like record and screenshot, or select chat parties, would control the game also. Pressing down then A would select the options menu and I could accidentally change my options in a menu I shouldn’t be controlling.

Very odd.

I guess I’ve been lucky as I have had no issues at all.

I downgraded my graphics driver and haven’t had any problems since 2 hours ago. Looks like NVIDIA driver 435.15 works fine and the 436.30 is broken.

These are the things Ive tried today.

Clean reinstall latest Nvidia Driver
Clear DX shader cache in Windows disk clean up
Re-install Afterburner - I dont use RTSS
Turnoff Windows Game Bar