Problem with team deathmatch

Hello! Sorry for bothering but my situation is this:

Last week I raised my gold account 2 to gold 3 and everything was fine.

But, when I got to gold 3 my account was completely closed.

I won two games in a row and the percentage did not rise. I lose one and I get down to 5 or 6%.

Yesterday I had 30%, now I have 13.48% in a single day.

this happens in the game mode team deathmatch.

I hope you can solve this problem.

Thank you.

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Then you are playing at Gold 3 level,

As expected, this is normal,

So your playing more and it seems you are levelling out in the bottom region of Gold 3.

I don’t see a problem here?

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When you lose, you lose percent even if you get MVP.

When you are expected to win, and do such with an average performance, don’t expect a great jump in your Tier percentage.

This guy gets the nail on the head every time, I’ve learned quite a bit from your posts, keep it up!


This is true most of the time but you can “hold” your % rank even if you lose a match, as long as you do good enough. Normally more common on an odd loss here or there, you don’t always have to go down, just to clarify :blush:


Thanks :blush:

Ah, I see. Touché :joy:

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Not exactly true.

I lost 3 Koth matches consecutively at 97.30% Onyx 3 and did not move at all. I was out of the ballpark MVP on each of these matches because they were much lower ranked players. I won a match after these 3 and moved to 99.60% Onyx 3 as MVP. I lost 2 matches after this and did not move.

The next match we won and as MVP I moved to D1 83%. (Hell, I can’t even remember if I was MVP on that last match…)

^This is what keeps you from losing % when you take a loss. If you have a background track record of meeting or exceeding expectations in performance and then you take a loss or multiple losses (while still surpassing expectations) it shouldn’t really affect you in the long run or dock you for it.

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This was last night, right? If so, I was MVP in the match you moved up to Diamond. The match before I couldn’t buy any success with that lag but you tore them up despite our loss.

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