Problem with remapped controls

New problem in operation 4.
I am using what I believe is colloquially known as the “defaulternate” controller scheme: controls are set to Classic-Alt with X button mapped to A button or something to that effect. During horde and versus gameplay, I am unable to

  • interact with fabricator
  • pick up weapon from ground
  • put weapon on locker

The on-screen display is telling me to press A for these actions when prior to OP4 I would have used X for these actions. If I do press A, I only roll or slide to cover.

I found I can fix this by going into my control remapping settings and mapping the A button to the A buttton, even though my settings already say the A button = A button. However, this loses its effect eventually, I think upon my dying.

What’s strange is that so far I’ve only had this problem on Blood Drive and Reactor, which are both new maps.

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I am having the same issue. The only way I can solve this temporary is to pause and unpause. This bug happens because of using global text chat. When I host, I am forced to pause and unpause, making it a hindrance for other others. So I’ve asked a friend to host instead, so I can pause and unpause without affecting other players.

Are you saying my use of global text chat is somehow causing the problem? Do you have any idea what specifically causes it, like typing a certain key into the chat?

Pause/Unpause is only a solution for PvE modes, I’m assuming.

I have figured it out. Using the Shift key on keyboard while typing on global text chat, seems to toggle tac-com view. This is what causes the bug. All other keys work fine, even typing no caps is fine.

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I’ll be sure not to hit that Shift key.

So I take it you’re using defaulternate controls? Do you play horde, and if so, do you find it impossible to initiate a weapon trade with another player?

I play Classic Alt with remapped controls. LB and A swapped around to resemble Tournament Alt from Gears 4. I haven’t tried weapon swap recently since Op 4 and I normally don’t have problems with weapon trading. I’m mostly on Escape and Horde.

It tells me on screen to “Press X” to trade weapons. Nothing happens. Oh well, There’s always dropping the weapon on the floor.