Problem with gameplay

Hello (I’m french, I do the best for write in english).

In Gears 5 ranked mode, I see Execution but not ‘Ailier’ mode, that’s a problem.

Why make one shot weapons (Buzzkill, Boomshot, Dropshot etc.) ? With Shotgun, you need to be face to face, not others weapons.
Why Lanzors slow people and hit so much ?
Why Breaker Mace have a hitbox so big and explode a person ?
Why Bolo grenade have no sound and no explosions ?
Why with a Longshot is so easy to do a headshot ?
Why maps are so bad, small and not for Gears gameplay ?

I’m asking because in First Gears, Host was a problem but maps, weapons, hostroom, characters were very nice.

I think The Coalition have take all problems from old gears.
I hope The Coalition take my comment here and answer with a solution because Gears 5 is like Call of Duty (just kill and die again and again, not skill).

Thanks TC and good luck for the following.

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Believe me, we all agree with you. They just do not listen to us.

Well not all, they have like 20 supporters on here.

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