Problem with connecting Servers in Gears of war 4 on Windows 10

gamertag: RandelMB
Location: Dominican Republic
platform: PC
Code: (0x800706be)

My problem is that the GOW4 appears offline. I already tried testing my internet connection and it is ok, 10Mbs, try restarting the modem and nothing. I tried to enter my brother’s account and open the juice, it remains the same. The last thing I did, which I did not want to do, is to uninstall it and install it again and even after that martyrdom it remains the same. Will there be any solution? someone please take pity on this Gamer. I’ve only been able to play a little since I bought it, I haven’t played for several days.

i can only think of updates to game or drivers. nat settings not set to open.

Thank you very much for answering

Have to tried a VPN to see if location affects your ability to connect?

Gamertag: Lapulga014350
Location: Mexico
Plataform: Xbox One
Error: BIGELOWE (0x00000193)