Problem with Classic alt op4 issue

Anyone else play classic alt and have dual inputs showing up since the new operation? Anytime I’m wallbouncing and hit a corner for an up a or to slide around it and keep moving I occasionally get stuck and instead of A it will show X to move forward off the wall this was never the case prior to op 4 I would only ever see the A button input prompt

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Have you been using text chat?

Pausing and unpausing is a temporary way to solve it till it gets fixed.

No I haven’t and it’s only happening when moving around the maps /bouncing

You can submit a bug report, especially if you know how to reproduce it.

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I feel about the same. I’m playing with the Classic-Alt scheme and use button remapping.

Sometimes when I take cover and do “Up A” and instead of running forward or jumping over cover, my character is trying to grab the enemy who is sitting on the other side (this action on this button is not assigned). And my wall bounces sometimes get weird like I switched back to Default scheme. Until OP4 this did not happen to me.

I noticed that most often this happens in private lobbies when new players join.

P.S. Edit the topic title “Problem with …”. Maybe TC will pay attention to this.

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