Problem statistics synchronization?

I completed all the horde (and frenzy) maps at master and, today, looking at the stats, I found with horror that everything was reset to me, as if I had never made a horde …
0 maps per maestro
0 hours spent on horde
0 points
0 on everything

I really hope it’s a synchronization problem, even if it’s the first time he’s doing this to me, in previous ops he never did.
Does he do it to others too?

ps. It also happened to two other friends of mine

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I got the same problem (starteing days before the Update tho) although it’s only a Visual Glitch it’s still annoying.


Thank you for the confirmation.
In recent days it was almost all ok for me, only when op7 came out … reset all without mercy :sweat_smile:

Good to know, I had the same problem and I feared that I needed to play every map again :sweat_smile:


Same situation. It is still annoying to me too. Please dear TC can you fix this? I think it is not hard to do coding. :sweat_smile:

I have to up this topic because this time problems with statistics are more bigger now.
In addition to horde (never made according to the game lol …), it also influenced me versus and history (never completed, always according to the game), in short, it has busted everything like me had never played gow.
Do we want to fix this issue once and for ever? :slight_smile:

Submitted a ticket a while ago because my stats were trashed and achievements stopped tracking, still waiting for a fix.
Will update if I get anywhere.

Thanks for the info!
It is understandable that for TC it isn’t a priority. Anyway your situation is clear, I think we can make ourselves comfortable and wait gow6 before statistical data fixed lol

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