Problem of matchmaking

In qualifying, at least for me, the game takes minutes to find games, so I have been told there are two regions that they find quickly and without problem, but for the others there is no solution?

Long matchmaking times and super inconsistent gameplay. That’s all this game is.

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You can either have a long waiting time and a somewhat decent ping or a quick search and land on a server that might as well be on the moon will all the crazy pings you see in-game.

Go to Options and then Matchmaking and choose lower ping or faster matchmaking.


True this

Even the good servers havent been playing to hot recently unless you in a lobby where everyone’s got ethernet, but all it takes is one person with poor connection to mess up everyone’s game in the lobby. As for searching for a match where are you located? Anywhere outside states, Mexico, and England usually have piss poor connection.

TC’s constant blundering of the game scared off most of the players. There is no fix to this better luck with Gears 6 and maybe they will return. Its frustrating I wait like upwards of 5-8 minutes sometime it sucks.

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I already had that option chosen xD