Problem Matchmaking - Start 6 vs 5 TDM ranked

We started a match, and found, but few second after moving, 4 out of 5 members of my team were ejected from the session. Only 1 member and I managed to come back with difficulty. And we realize that a 6th player is among our ranks, when we did not know him. In fact, since the beginning of the session he was present but not marked in the crew list during loading. So big penalty in public that costs as usual expensive in%.


Please tell me you got a video or screenshot of this? It would be worth a thousand bucks lol.

I’ve seen this stuff before in CoD but never Gears.

Ive got Only the crash on video, not when i came back (clip on my profile but i don’t know how share this?). The List of players, and the extra player

Xbox Clips, Click Here

Fast746 is the extra player

This happens a lot on social. The game will have a host whose not even in the game. When you hit start there will be some players who aren’t in the game but are still in the lobby


LORD please help TC everyone knows they need it.

In RANKED? I’m confused, how are you determining that there is a 6th player?

Absolutely, in ranked. We launched together so to 5 (YH Youyou, AFS Astrals, x El Nito 28 x, xTTEHITMANx and me) and this extra player added. Looking for a solo match, he managed to get into our session. Only TC can verify.

I guess I need to rephrase my question. Where were you seeing this player’s name? Was this player shown on the map selection screen? If you press select (whatever xbox calls it) during the game, did he show up in the player/game stats list?

I guess another way to phrase it would be; if you were to screenshot it, what would you be taking a pic of to show that there were 6?

I’m not challenging you, I’m simply asking the kinds of things TC will need to know if they are to investigate.

In the clip, i pushed “select” for watching players, and “ping”. You can see He is present in the list of scores of players before my return to the home. But always present at my return in the session and finish on the scoreboard.

At the screen of selection of “card”, it seems to me to have seen it in the list of the players. As explained above, he figured, participated and ended the session.

We were not 6, properly so called. We launched to 5, but during the loading of the map, a member was kicked, and for info, all members of my team were loading the map. You see that in the video we are 5 on the field and in the scoreboard. For the capture, I could not take that moment of the crash. The video starts while the card is loading. I tried to take another video at the end of session, impossible the recording system did not respond.

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I played a match of golden gun last week 1vs2… me being the one… but on the start menu there were 5 other names that never joined in the entire match…
I still won lol

OK, thanks for the clarification.
if I understand correctly, a squad member was kicked during matchmaking and the system put in a random instead.
Unfortunately, this has been semi-common for me for the last year. I mostly play in squads and the servers sometimes kick people. Usually, we notice and back out in time but sometimes the server finds another player immediately and loads you into game. It’s very annoying how often the servers kick players. For me at least.