Problem in the ranking

there is a big problem with the ranking because I won nine games of king of the hill and nothing went up but I lost a game and I lost four percent, I win and I do not raise at all what is happening that really bothers me because they only give me want not to play because playing not to go up is very very very very annoying

There’s a billion posts on this but I’ll copy paste one of mine to help answer your question.

Can’t just win the matches. You have to be in the top spots on your team and the enemy team has to be slightly edging you in skill/win prediction.

You have to do this consistently.

It is frustrating. It is a grind. But that’s kind of the point.

It’s going to weigh all your past performances. When you start getting in high tier skill, when you move up or down in rank it isn’t just from that match you just won or lost… It’s the collective of the last dozen or so you’ve played.

You have to work to tip the scale and then keep that momentum going. You’ll move up.

Now, that being said - you won 9 matches and went down 4 percent when you finally lost. That’s really not too bad which means you’ve probably been doing well in those 9 matches, however, the teams you were playing may not have been forecasted to win or of a high enough skill for you to move up from beating them.

Look at it this way, D3 in KOTH and if I were to play 9 games against O1 or O2 teams and win every match and get the MVP slot - should I move up?

The system says no, because I beat teams I was predicted to beat and I was MVP. It’d be like giving me an award for beating the crap out of a 5th grader.

However - my background skill, which I cannot see, is sitting on top of the world now from all my great performance those 9 games. If I play one more game and happen to match up against a tough team and win, I stand a good chance of moving up quite a lot. If I were to lose that next game (even against players of lower skill), I would not move down in rank at all. Not even 4%. Because I have ‘good performance credit’ built up by having my background skill high. However, that background skill would move down accordingly.

Now take the same scenario and let’s say I win those 9 games but 2 or 3 of them I get 4th or 5th on my team. We won the matches as predicted but as an individual I performed poorer than the rank system expects. I don’t move in rank at this time, just like in the other scenario, but my background skill actually goes DOWN because of my subpar performance. Then I lose a finally lose a game. Well, since I lost I am now paying for that drop in background skill from my bad performance in earlier games and I drop 4%.

Gears ranking is not black and white, match for match ratios - it is an extended look at your overall individual performance and it weighs in many different factors.

If you take this knowledge and apply it to your matches - you will see that this is how it works and once it makes sense, you can push a lot harder.

Never quit a match. Ever

Always play your best to end up as close to MVP as you can get.

Always strive to be top of your team at the very least.

Don’t play in the same groups. Mix it up. Play solo. Play with different groups.

Someone good at making line graphs should chart the background skill, actual ranking, game matches, etc, out as an image for easy visual reference…

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