Problem connecting to gears

Big problem since the ambush escape map came out, kicked constantly as of 1 hour ago. Now cant connect to gears of war service. I did see a new recruit play list in versus while this was happening??

Will keep trying n update


If you haven’t yet, send a ticket to Support. -

I think it’s something on your end with the servers.

You still need to send a ticket to Support please.

Just completed a run on escape, no kicking this time.

Perhaphs the cleaner pulled out the wrong plug for their vacum. ( jk )

Have a nice day

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My recommendation for you @eviljas247 it’s to use UL CERTIFIED ROCKETFISH PATCH CORD CABLES please.

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Ur back i see :+1:

Always helpful


hahahahaha :slight_smile: I’m back man of course. happy to say hi to you as well. thanks.

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