Problem after update

After the update of june 6, my game is not running!! I have restarted my xboxone a lot of times and nothing. We need a solution now.@Tc_Octus

When you say reset, do you mean switched it off then back on again, or have you tried a hard reset? (holding power button on console for 6 seconds, then waiting till it turns itself back on)

Did the update install successfully? (I had problems with this myself)
Hit manage game and add-ons, current version should be
You should be able to view and cancel the update and restart it if it has failed, it should still be in the queue.

La actualizacion se hizo correctamente.he reestablecido de todo, lo unico que me falta es desinstalar el juego completo y volver a descargarlo. El problema es que mi conexion actual tiene limite de descarga a maxima velocidad en 80 GB mensuales y estaria todo un mes sin poder se que mas hacer la verdad. por lo visto no le ha pasado a mucha gente y no creo que me dean ninguna todas formas gracias.

Good thing your not on the PC version. Our version has been crashing for months…
in campaign…

Also having this problem