Problem 8x XP in GoW 4

I have a problem and so you write @TC that you have a 12 days event on the enlarged 8x XP, yesterday after resetting myself, this event does not work anymore and XP flies normally, not 8x XP as it should be.
Please, fix me this fast.
My gametag: [MrocznyMesjasz] PC Player GoW 4

Um yeah, it was for 24 hours only. Perhaps read the What’s Up article and it’ll explain things


Still haven’t seen snowball fight tho.

Again, the Whats Up article states that they came across a last minute problem with Snowball Fight and had to delay deploying the game mode. They will have an update to download on Monday to fix it, and this will enable the mode to be launched.

Sorry just now read that on another thread lol

24 hours? Was it a sudden thing too? If they want to get people back they’d have a huge amount of success giving a lead in period, as in “Next week on [date] we will be having blah” rather than “Surprise! Today we…”. But I may be speaking out my ■■■ if they didn’t go the Surprise route.

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It’s funny how people keep saying “Get people back”

They never lost many people who are die hard Gears players. It’s a very unique game and I haven’t stopped playing. Sure I’ve played other things but always come back to my base game which is this to level up with etc. Mediocre games come and go but Gears is for life. Not just for Christmas.


The 8 xp info roll out was a joke. I try to pay attention to participate in events like this, but missed it. Then I’m supposed to check Twitter daily (which is losing people to Gab due to its political censorship) for maybe another single xp bonus day. Should just have had it all laid out in the weekly post like usual so people could plan. Bad execution IMO. Like others, not enough for me to stop playing other games and start grinding GOW again.

How is there no one in the world playing.
Time is 03:30 UK. I have been in koth lobbies for 25!!! minutes.
Ridiculous. I have quit 3 times and started searching again. Currently at 13 mins and still searching.